Employment Mediation

Disputes of any kind can have serious affect on your business. Mediation encourages communication, identifying mutual solutions without the need for litigation.

Family Mediation

Family mediation is a way of resolving disputes between couples (and families) and helps people to look for their own solutions to their disputes using the negotiating skills of a third party.

Training Services

We offer bespoke training in a number of areas including; Appraisal & Supervision, Performance Management, Conflict Management, Mediation Skills and Effective Communication.

Why Mediate?

Key benefits of following the mediation route to the settlement of a dispute are:

  • High Success Rates
  • Cost Effective
  • Confidential
  • Convenient
  • Maintain Control over Outcome
  • Speedy
  • Can Help Maintain Relationships

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About Us

TWP Mediation was established by Jean Walker and Josie Walker.

It is a sister company to TWP Solicitors – a niche commercial and family practice - who have been established for 11 years, based in Stockport.

TWP Mediation offer services geographically where it is convenient to our clients, and have a wide range of mediators, specialising in different areas from construction disputes to workplace problems, from shareholder and partnership disputes to helping to resolve family problems that arise round the care needs of those who are old or sick.

TWP also offers training to organisations and individuals, including; conflict management, mediation skills, supervision and appraisals, performance management, effective communication and internal mediator training.

Josie Walker is an ADR accredited mediator, and along with offering services as a mediator, can offer bespoke training.

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